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About Us


Over the Moon is a social enterprise dedicated to providing events and activities in the district of Adur in West Sussex, with a focus on creativity and community. It started life in 2011 and evolved to become a registered form of social enterprise called a community interest company in 2017.

We are passionate about the joys of making and getting together with other people to be creative in a social setting.

We strive to tread lightly and for our activities to decrease rather than generate waste. We are strongly committed to using salvaged, donated and recycled materials wherever possible. We aim to showcase what can be achieved and what fun can be had by creatively reusing materials instead of buying new and throwing things away. 

We aim for our events to be participatory, inclusive and locally focussed. We  collaborate with other local organisations and love to celebrate our local area.

We rely heavily on volunteered time and local expertise. If you are interested in volunteering with us or collaborating with us, we'd love to hear from you! Just drop us an email at

We have been funded by:

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