A Stitch in Our Time


We are helping some lovely sewing Shoreham people get a lockdown community sewing project going to bring people together (in a socially distanced way!) and make history. We are very happy to present to you: 'A Stitch in Time', which aims to make a giant patchwork throw with the patches all made by Shoreham-by-Sea residents marking their experiences of lockdown.


You do not need to have any particular sewing skills or materials to take part: this is for the young and our elders, for kids, for men and for the good sewers and the not so good and the 'I can’t sew' sewers.

You will need a piece of fabric: maybe an old pillow case or any piece of material as long as it’s not stretchy and not too tough. Cut out a 13cm X 13cm (5.5inch) square and mark out a 1.5cm (0.6inch) seam allowance inside that square. Design something to do with what you have experienced in lockdown or even just your initials...basically anything goes. You can sew bits on with whatever thread or yarn you can lay your hands on and add fabric, just as long as it’s sewn so it lasts. Sew however you can and like: running stitch, cross stitch, even the wonky I don’t know what I’m doing stitches all count! 

If you need materials, we or the organisers can get fabric and/or thread to you, even if you are self isolating.

After your masterpiece is completed we would love it if you could write a little bit to accompany your patch, to create another record (but only if you want to).


Completed patches can be put through the door (in an envelope or something to protect your work) at SOLD on Shoreham Sigh Street or the organisers can collect from those that cannot get out and about. The closing date for delivering completed patches is 30th July. The patches will then be joined together and hopefully be displayed locally at such time as we are all able to get out about and view the finished result!

There is an 'A Stitch in Our Time' group on facebook here where people are sharing ideas and photos of finished patches.

If you have any questions, drop us a line and we'll try and answer them or pass your query on to the organisers if we can't.

Happy Sewing!