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REclaim Exhibition


We are putting on the REclaim exhibition in conjunction with Skyway Gallery at The Shoreham Centre from 18 May to 2 June 2019. Individuals and groups of any age can submit an artwork on the theme of pollution and climate change.

If you or your group would like to submit an artwork please return a completed participation form to or drop it in to The Shoreham Centre.

Participation form:                Photo consent form: 


More information can be found in this exhibition

brief document:

Downloadable poster to advertise the exhibition

to under 18s:

Make eco bricks for the REclaim exhibition!

We would like to have an ever growing exhibit of ecobricks at the exhibition, made by YOU! After the exhibition we'll turn the ecobricks into a permanent local structure such as a bench...

So get going now with making ecobricks and watching the contents of your waste bin shrink before your eyes!

Check out these simple ecobrick making guides and there's lots of information online about ecobricks..

Bring your completed ecobricks along to The Shoreham Centre to add to the REclaim exhibition at any point while it's on and add them to the exhibit along with some information about your bricks in this completed form: 

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