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Bag of Recycled People

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A Bag of People contains 16 people with an array of different natural or rainbow skin tones die cut from our reclaimed paper stash. Decorate them, decorate your window with them, make someone a virtual hug with them, turn them into a garland....

Recommended age: 2+

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To help keep you entertained and your creative juices flowing when you are at home, we've put together packs of crafty bits and craft kits for all ages that fit through a letter box and can be posted or delivered to your door. All of our kits and crafty bits packs are of course made as much as possible from salvaged, donated and recycled items, including the packaging!

The packs each have a listed price which includes postage and packaging. You can order directly through our online shop and pay by Paypal or credit card or to pay by BACS, place an order by emailing weareoverthemoon@gmail.com or message us through the contact page or Facebook page. Your package will dispatched when payment is received. 

We also provide packs for Adur Community Gateway to distribute and you can also contact them directly if you are in need.