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Crafty Bits Packs

For general information about the packs and how to order, look at the Lockdown Crafting! page.

This page has information about available crafty bits packs. We also have craft kits available here.

Lucky Dip Crafty Bits Packs


What can you make with these?...! These lucky dip crafty bits packs are looking something like this, including tissue paper, doilies, stickers, pipe cleaners, sparkles, ribbon, feathers, pom poms, raffia, treasury tags, stars and other colourful bits, all in a bag you can decorate.

These packs aim to give a taster of a variety of materials. If you’d like more of something in particular from these, let us know and we’ll see what we have available.

£4 each

Recommended age: 3+

 Wooden Bead Threading Packs


Each pack contains two coloured coated cords and enough brightly coloured chunky wooden beads to make at least two large necklaces. The beads are easily threaded without a needle.

These are great for little ones' fine motor skills and for exercising ageing fingers!

£3.50 each

Recommended age: 3+

In your order let us know if you have a preference for blue and purple cord, blue and grey cord or dark and light pink cord.

Bags of People


A Bag of People contains 16 people with an array of different skin tones die cut from our reclaimed paper stash. Decorate them, decorate your window with them, make someone a virtual hug with them, turn them into a garland....

£2 each

Recommended age: 2+

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