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Holiday Art Club


This year we are offering an extended Holiday Art Club for kids aged 8 – 108 at The Circular Space in Shoreham-by-Sea! These are a series of 3 hour creative sessions, designed and delivered by Claire Lemmon, who also runs our After School Art Club. We’ve put a lot of thought into designing our workshops in order to offer the best, most varied, most fun Holiday Art Club we can and we’re dead proud of the results. ‘Holiday Art Club!’, you say, ‘isn’t that just sitting around colouring?!’ The answer is a big ‘no, it isn’t!’, but to find out all the things it is, you’ll need to read on….

Skills, Techniques and Materials: many of our workshops have been designed to introduce your child to new skills and techniques, whether learning origami, weaving with beads to make jewellery and animal keyrings, beadwork, working with pastels, trying out 3D sculpture with plaster bandage or learning how to enlarge images to accurately recreate stuff bigger!

STEAM!: We’re excited to bring you some Science meets Art stuff this Summer – and we’ve designed it so that you don’t need any fancy equipment. Build marble runs, make a kite and test it, design a trebuchet, design and construct an automata! As Leonardo (Da Vinci, not De Caprio) said, ‘"Study the science of art. Study the art of science." What he says.

Imagination: in all our sessions your child will be using their imagination – the great creative drive behind the development of all ideas! They’ll be designing Pokemon, thinking about how a marble run might be made to look like more than a collection of cardboard tubes, working out how a Ninetendo Game scenario could be made into a real, 3d room model.

Observational skills: ’You see but you don’t observe’, as Sherlock Holmes once said to Watson. He wasn’t wrong! We’ll be doing lots of Observing over the Summer and exploring the difference between that and Looking.

We’d love to have your kids along for the ride, and are really looking forward to meeting them!

Book all sessions though our Upcoming Events page. The sessions are also on our Events Calendar and Facebook Events page. 

Holiday Art Club starts on 27 July and the last session is 25 August. 

Morning sessions are 9.30am to 12.30pm and afternoons are 1 to 4pm. Drop off and pick up at the end. If you book both the morning and afternoon session on a day for your child, they can stay all day from 9.30am to 4pm and bring a packed lunch (to eat between 12.30 and 1pm).

Weather permitting, the morning and afternoon sessions will take place in different spots: The Activity Space inside and The Garden Space outside (with a gazebo to provide shade and light rain cover).

The maximum group size is 12 for all sessions. The suggested age range has in mind the sorts of fine motor skills that might be required for the activity, the developmental level the children will need to engage fully with the activities and also their ability to sit around, fairly happily, engaging with a craft for three hours! Please bear in mind the suggested age range and type of activity when booking for your child.


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